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Quality Standards

The Gorton's Way is our guiding philosophy about the right way to do business, and about always providing our consumers with the safest and best quality products. One important aspect of this philosophy is to provide competitively superior products that surpass our consumers' expectations. A strong Quality Assurance program is at the heart of achieving this goal.

The key factor in the success of our QA department is our people. We have highly trained technicians, experts in seafood and QA, and even PhD's in food technology who deeply care about providing the best quality products possible.

The Quality assurance staff has quite a bit of experience in the seafood quality area. Gorton's has been in business since 1849, and the QA management staff combined has almost as much experience - more than 125 years!

We build quality and safety into our products from the very beginning, working closely with Research & Development at our specially designed Technical Innovation Center. Within this center we have large R&D kitchens, a raw material inspection lab, and a progressive food safety testing laboratory. But Gorton's has an extensive quality assurance program that stretches way beyond the doors of the center. Our raw material experts travel worldwide to train our seafood suppliers according to Gorton's strict quality and safety specifications. We create and manage comprehensive quality assurance programs that ensure both superior quality and safety for our consumers.

Gorton's quality standards are more stringent than the government's voluntary USDC Seafood Inspection Program. While this government program requires 19 quality checkpoints, we require more than 60. We don't know if other seafood companies follow such firm guidelines, but Gorton's has always led the industry in food quality and safety. As a matter of fact, one of our favorite stories around here is about a time when we rejected yet another shipment of fish from the same supplier. They told us we were too strict with quality and that our standards were too high, and that they could walk away and sell the same fish to one of our competitors in no time. But as that supplier learned, we don't care what other companies do. If you want to do business with Gorton's, you have to do the right thing, and we won't accept any fish that doesn't meet our high standards.

The Gorton's Quality Assurance staff also follows changing issues in our world and consistently responds to consumer needs. In 2006 when the industry first became concerned about antibiotics in food, our team immediately implemented the use of rapid method detection tests in our inspection labs to screen our fish for potential antibiotic contaminants for our aquaculture products. In 2009 when we learned that consumers were concerned about mercury levels in fish, even fish that was always deemed as non-risk for this issue, we decided to greatly increase our testing by setting up a rigorous program to routinely test all sources of fish to be sure everything we were selling was tested mercury safe. And most recently, when consumers came to us asking us to develop gluten free fish products so that their families could enjoy the great taste and nutrition of fish without worrying about the presence of gluten, we quickly developed the products and a program to test our incoming ingredients to be sure that when we said gluten free, it really was. Safety and quality is always QA's
top priority.

You can be assured that your friends at Gorton's are always working to give the best seafood to our consumers, and we will continue to challenge ourselves in order to provide the safest and most superior quality products.